Meta-atoms & Rings as Large-Scale Atoms

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This chapter examines various types of meta-atoms, the basic units of the structure used in meta-materials theory. The focus here, though, is on rings as the meta-atom. The ring is illuminated in this chapter by various basic configurations of plane waves; resulting scattering intensities yield various resonances. The resonances arise from both the electrical field and the magnetic fields, depending upon the approach of the wave. The currents resulting in the loop are noted and mathematically derived. The reason for the existence of the first fundamental resonance, but not for the other resonances, in one type of illumination is noted, a discovery that has not yet appeared in the literature. The sub-wavelength resonance of the single gap ring is examined. Three capacitance models of the gap are examined and compared with actual capacitance results from simulations at these high frequencies dealt with in an earlier chapter.


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