Insights into Contaminant Transport Modeling Through Compacted Bentonites

  • Tadikonda Venkata BharatEmail author
  • Partha Das
  • Ankti Srivastava
Part of the Developments in Geotechnical Engineering book series (DGE)


Diffusion transport studies through compacted bentonites are important in the areas of landfill construction, nuclear waste repositories, and soft ground remediation. Laboratory diffusion studies and proper theoretical models are required for the prediction of diffusion flow in the field applications. Several laboratory diffusion studies are evolved for the estimation of mass transport parameters. A significant ambiguity in the application of a specific diffusion technique and in the choice of the model often makes the accurate analysis of the diffusion transport difficult. In this work, various laboratory diffusion tests for the estimation of mass transport parameters are described. The theoretical analysis for each test and the significance of the estimated mass transport parameters from different diffusion formulations are discussed.


Contaminant transport Diffusion Compacted bentonites Landfills Nuclear waste repositories 


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