Survey Results Analysis and Discussion

  • Low Sui PhengEmail author
  • Lau Shing Hou
Part of the Management in the Built Environment book series (MABUEN)


The survey was conducted with 30 respondents representing main contractors, subcontractors and consultants in Singapore with 24 participants in higher management (directorial level and above) and six in mid management (project manager and above). Of the 30 respondents, there are thirteen A1 contractors, five A2-B1 contractors, six B2-C grade contractors and six consultants. Please refer to Appendix A for the questionnaire. This chapter provides a descriptive statistical analysis as shown in Sect. 8.1 and an inferential statistical analysis as shown in Sects. 8.2 and 8.3. Section 8.4 provides a summary of the quantitative findings.

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