Surgical Technique of Implantation: AGV, Limbal Variant

  • Shibal Bhartiya
  • Monica Gandhi


Ahmed Glaucoma Valve (AGV) is a drainage device used for both primary and refractory glauomas. The surgical technique of AGV implantation is simpler and easier than that for non-valved implants since the implant is limited to one quadrant and does not require manipulation of the recti muscles. Also, since the AGV is valved, manoeuvres like tube ligation and/or tube slits are not required. Because of this the incidence of hypotony in the early postoperative period is less than with non-valved implants, and these patients require relatively less postoperative follow-up and care. Common complications, as with all restrictive valve implants, include longer postoperative hypotensive phase, choroidal effusions and flat anterior chambers (Table 6.1).

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