Sub-Diffraction-Limited Telescopies

  • Xiangang LuoEmail author


Telescopy is one of the most important applications in engineering optics. In order to improve the observation ability, the optical aperture of telescopes is becoming much larger, which has nearly reached the state-of-the-art technique limit. Sub-diffraction-limited telescopies, which have improved observation ability without enlarging the size of the telescopes, are pursued for a long time. In this chapter, two kinds of sub-diffraction-limited telescopies are introduced for EO 2.0. First, a brief introduction of the telescopy in EO 1.0 is given. Then in Sect. 8.2, we introduce the telescopy based on the super-oscillation in detail. Super-oscillation telescopy with dielectric pupil filter (DPF), metasurfaces, as well as achromatic super-oscillation telescopy are discussed. In Sect. 8.3, a review on another super-resolution telescopy based on orbital angular momentum is presented.


Optical telescope Sub-diffraction-limited Super-oscillation 


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