Cotangent Bundles

  • Jean-Louis KoszulEmail author
  • Yi Ming Zou


In this section, we denote by P a manifold, and denote the cotangent bundle on P by \(T^{*}P\). The fiber \(T^{*}_xP\) of \(T^{*}P\) at any point \(x\in P\) is the dual space of the vector space \(T_xP\), and the elements in \(T^{*}_xP\) are the cotangent vectors at the point x. We use \(\pi \) and \(\pi _{*}\) to denote the projections of TP and \(T^{*}P\) on P respectively. We use \(T(T^{*}P)\) to denote the tangent bundle of the cotangent bundle \(T^{*}P\) and use \(\pi _0\) to denote the projection of \(T(T^{*}P)\) on the base space \(T^{*}P\).

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