Research on the Dynamic Information System of Global Cruise Economy on the Basis of Internet

  • Ling QiuEmail author
  • Linkai Qi


The cruise economy information system involves many aspects, such as urban public service system, cultural service system, education service system, health service system and safety service system, etc. It needs the collaborative support of relevant departments, cruise upstream and downstream industries. With the rapid development of new Internet technology, the integration of information platform and technical resources will greatly increase the efficiency of cruise economic information services and promote the development of cruise economy. This paper studies the cooperation and coordination among the relevant organizations of the cruise industry based on dynamic information, artificially controls and manages the dispersed, closed and isolated cruise information resources, realizes the full utilization and maximum value-added of the cruise economic information resources, and realizes the sharing of the cruise economic information resources on a broader and open platform. The paper also puts forward the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions by discussing the challenges and opportunities, policy bottlenecks, value evaluation and measurement methods of the implementation of the cruise industry informatization strategy.


Dynamic information and information resources Dynamic information Information strategy 

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