Research on High-Quality Development Pattern and Path Improvement of Cruise Tourism in China

  • Ping SuEmail author
  • Shaojun Shen
  • Junqing Mei


Cruise tourism is a high-end form of modern tourism, the pursuit of high-quality tourism experience becomes the real demand of more tourists, so that cruise tourists experience a more quality-assured cruise tourism products, is to consolidate and enhance the international competitiveness of China’s cruise market an important aspect. At present, there are some problems in China’s cruise tourism market, such as unbalanced market supply and demand, unstable attraction of inbound cruise tourism, low interaction between cruise tourism and other tourism resources, etc. To promote the development of cruise product quality and specialization, to promote the transformation of cruise tourism to quality service, and to construct characteristic cruise tourism. The cruise market product system, the construction of a new order for the healthy development of the cruise tourism market, the creation of good basic conditions for inbound cruise tourism, the construction of a new cruise tourism market development system to further enhance.


Cruise tourism Competitiveness Quality tourism Sustainable development 


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