Research on the Development of the World’s Cruise Industry During 2017–2018: Strong Demands Stimulate the Sustainable High Growth

  • Hong WangEmail author
  • Jianyong Shi
  • Junqing Mei


In 2018, the global economic growth rate has been significantly improved, providing a good foundation for the development of the cruise industry. Cruise will continue to maintain a positive development trend in 2018, with 26.9 million passengers taking cruise, and is expected to reach 37.6 million in 2025. Cruise market concentration remained high, with 35.4% in the Caribbean and 15.8% in the Mediterranean in 2017, respectively. The trend of large-scale and mega-scale cruise construction is more obvious. The newly built cruise ships are basically over 100,000 gross ton, and there are 91 cruise ships under construction before 2026. Throughout the development of the global cruise industry, although North America’s share in the global cruise market has declined, the advantage has been maintained for a long time, and due to the headquarters of cruise enterprises and the economy of the cruise home port has made greater economic contributions. The demand of European cruise market is stronger than that of North America, which makes it have a strong position and development potential in the development of cruise industry chain. Due to its good economic development situation and relatively stable international environment, Asia-Pacific has a strong potential for the development of the cruise market. In the future, the Asia-Pacific region will witness volatile growth in the process of maintaining a high-speed growth trend. China’s cruise market has good basic conditions for development and good prospects for development.


Cruise industry chain Emerging market Economic contribution Market prospect 

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