Medical Ethics and Policies Related to Biomedical Equipment

  • Ramkrishna Mondal


The relationship between a doctor and a patient is rightly stated by Charaka: ‘No other gift is greater than the gift of life’. Sometime patient may not believe his sons or even parents, but he believe his physician. It is the physician’s duty to care for the patient as his own relative. Rapid changes in medical science and technology have outspread numerous complicated social, ethical and legal issues along with medical. To establish the faith and trust, ethics is a must. Every doctor has some ethical duties to be carried out for his patient, colleagues and society in large. In this chapter, various ethical issues in different situations like poor patient, female patient and clinical research were discussed in details. Though technology has advanced a lot, still it is a sad reality that physician’s focus has been gradually shifting towards cell or even DNA level instead of the patient as a whole.


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