Physical Impairments Associated with Diseases: A Pathophysiological Approach

  • Vignesh Kotian
  • Leela Mounica
  • Deepaneeta Sarmah
  • Harpreet Kaur
  • Geetesh Verma
  • Radhika Kesharwani
  • Pabbala Veeresh
  • Anupom Borah
  • Kiran Kalia
  • Pallab BhattacharyaEmail author


Today with the advent of chronic illnesses, disability associated with it has found its place as a major contributor to the global burden by impacting lives in all age groups in both developed and developing nations. “Disabilities” roots lie not just in terms of restriction in physical aspects of the patient but also in the context of social, emotional, and mental state too. With an ever-growing aging population prone to disabilities, it is quintessential today to understand the etiology and progression of diseases leading to disability. This chapter aims to focus on the pathogenesis of disease that is likely to cause disability as per the medical and social models of disability.


Disability Musculoskeletal disorder Neuropsychiatric disorder Cancer Diabetes Cardiovascular disorders 


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