Practical Spirituality: Dabbawala Case

  • Mala Kapadia


The state of the planet today is the result of human intellect. The way we pursue happiness and progress—by exploiting natural resources, ignoring environmental degradation and allowing poverty and social injustice to exist—represents our current state of development and evolution. Sustainability was never a concern before the human intellect overpowered Nature and the natural way of living. Our scientific pursuits unfortunately have cut off the link between responsible living and respect for biodiversity. Reason has overtaken wisdom, and we have traveled far without reaching anywhere. This paper explores how we can restore our planet and lives by reconnecting with the wisdom of Heart, Nature and spiritual values. A live example of successful 100 years plus of Dabbawalas’ organization who are living the wisdom and achieving carbon footprint-free lifestyle and business model.


Eco-Psychology Spiritual capital Wisdom of heart Mumbai Dabbawalas Human sigma 

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Paul Gilbert Ethan C. Roland and Gregory Landua Michael Cohen Sant Gyaneshwar Abraham Maslow 

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