Practical Spirituality, Human Development and Creative Experiments for Alternative Futures: An Introduction and an Invitation

  • Ananta Kumar Giri


Spirituality is an unceasing experiment with self, culture, society and the world for fuller and greater realization of beauty, dignity and dialogues in self, culture, society and the world. This calls for an experimental self and society which has the courage of wondering and wandering and engages itself with creative and transformative action and meditation. In this volume which is a sequel to our first volume, “Practical Spirituality and Human Development: Transformations in Religions and Societies,” we discuss several experiments in practical spirituality and human development for alternative futures where future itself is freed from an apriori closure and bondage which in turn liberates both past and present as well. We discuss movements which bring service, struggle for justice and movements for alternative futures together.


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  • Ananta Kumar Giri
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