The Fading Dream of Colonization

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Part of the New Directions in East Asian History book series (NDEAH)


This chapter describes how the plans for colonizing eastern Taiwan were put on hold. Saigō Tsugumichi, the commander of the force, received orders to carry out a two-phase plan and colonization would begin in the second phase, but only after the Japanese government evaluated the threat of war with China. Because of strong Chinese opposition, Saigō put the plans on hold. Events in southern Taiwan, and in Amoy (Xiamen), show that the government’s justification for colonization developed in unexpected directions that increased instability in the region. Several of Saigō’s staff officers continued to argue in favor of colonizing the indigenous territory, and Western residents in Amoy responded to the expedition with confusion about what Japan’s challenge to China’s territorial authority in Taiwan actually meant.

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