A Multiband Octagonal Slot Patch Antenna for Various Wireless Applications

  • Anshul JainEmail author
  • Uma Shankar Modani


Keeping under thought request of multiband execution, a scaled down octagonal slot rectangular patch antenna is proposed adopting defected ground structure. Reenacted on FR4 (Ɛr = 4.4), the extent of proposed configuration is 30 × 35 × 1.6 mm. The radiator is triggered by a 50 Ω microstrip feed line. The antenna spread out its energy in three bands viz. IEEE 802.11b/Bluetooth; HiperLAN2 and IEEE802.11a/WiMAX. Different traits, for example, return loss, surface current, radiation pattern and VSWR are additionally analyzed and discussed


Octagonal slot Microstrip patch Multiband Wireless applications 


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