A Hybrid Algorithm for Facility Layout Problem of Mixed Model Assembly Line

  • Shi-jun Yang
  • Ling ZhaoEmail author
Conference paper


For solving the facility layout problem of mixed model assembly line (MMAL-FLP), the multiobjective model of MMAL-FLP was built for optimizing logistics and production efficiency according to characteristics of MMAL. For minimizing logistics cost and maximizing line balance as the index of objectives, the new hybrid algorithm named nondominated sorting genetic algorithm 2 with tabu search (NSGA2-TS) was proposed to solve this model. NSGA2-TS apply the powerful ability for local search of TS to settle the premature convergence matter of NSGA2. The practical case study proved the effectiveness and feasibility of MMAL-FLP model and the validity and stability of the NSGA-TS.


MMAL-FLP Multiobjective NSGA2-TS 


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  1. 1.School of Mechanical and Electric EngineeringSoochow UniversitySuzhouChina

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