Fractal-Shaped DGS and Its Sensitivity Analysis with Microstrip Patch Antenna for 2.4 GHz WLAN Applications

  • Smeeta HotaEmail author
  • Guru Prasad Mishra
  • Biswa Binayak Mangaraj
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 898)


This paper offers the impact of DGS on the performance of aperture feed patch antenna which is operating at 2.4 GHz. Many antenna structures are designed, each having DGS of different configurations which includes plain DGS, plain wire DGS, fractal DGS, and fractal wire DGS. On studying the performance of these structures, it is found that the best antenna structure is the antenna with MIF Type 2 Iteration 2 DGS. In order to study the effect of design parameters of DGS on it, sensitivity analysis is conducted. Based on the analysis, the value for which maximum size reduction achieved is found out. Finally, it is observed that for the best structure, size reduction is achieved with an excellent gain when compared to that of the simple patch antenna. The whole process of design and simulation is carried out using ANSYS HFSS software, and the results, i.e., the antenna performance parameters, obtained after simulation are graphically displayed using MATLAB.


Patch antenna DGS Size reduction Aperture feed WLAN applications 


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  • Smeeta Hota
    • 1
    Email author
  • Guru Prasad Mishra
    • 1
  • Biswa Binayak Mangaraj
    • 1
  1. 1.Veer Surendra Sai University of TechnologyBurlaIndia

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