A Novel Design Architecture to Address the Current Limitations of Fixed and Mobile Phone Data Logging System

  • Ajit Kumar GopeeEmail author
  • Phaleksha Ujoodha
  • Vinaye Armoogum
  • Yashwantrao Ramma
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 863)


Data loggers are devices used to gather data in various environment. However, if they undergo any malfunction or breakdown, data cannot be recovered. Most phone data loggers have a small LCD to display the caller ID only, though a few can also display date and time. Others may not have a display at all and the call information has to be viewed on an external PC. Most of them have limited internal memory of 20 calls only and then are overwritten by the new ones. Some telephone requires an external call recording device since no data logger provides this functionality yet. The EEPROM of the Arduino has limited storage capacity, issues with nature and format of data for executing high load programs. So the present paper attempts to propose a novel design architecture to address these issues. Preliminary output shows that the DTMF decoder could only detect key pressed on a fixed telephone. By using a micro SD card, it is possible to store more data and variables in the Arduino sketch. Unfortunately, for some unknown reasons, the circuit could not detect incoming calls even when the DTMF decoder was replaced with an FSK one. In parallel, an Android app has been being developed that can log the caller ID and indicate the date, time, day, duration, and the type of call such as incoming or outgoing call on an Android mobile phone.


Data logger Mobile/fixed phones DTMF and FSK decoders Arduino EEPROM Extended memory and storage 


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  • Phaleksha Ujoodha
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  • Vinaye Armoogum
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