An Exploratory Study of Evidence-Based Clinical Decision Support Systems

  • Sudha Cheerkoot-JalimEmail author
  • Kavi Kumar Khedo
  • Abha Jodheea-Jutton
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 863)


With the rapid expansion of medical research, patients worldwide are having higher expectations in terms of medical services and clinical care. Huge research efforts are invested with the objective to minimize medical errors, improve patient care efficiency and increase patient safety. One initiative towards this endeavour is the development of clinical decision support systems (CDSS), which give recommendations on patient diagnosis, treatment options and follow-up, to healthcare providers. Evidence-based CDSS has proved to boost up the use of traditional CDSS, since they have mechanisms to integrate new evidence from literature-based research findings into their knowledge base, for more informed decision-making. This work conducts an exploratory study of different evidence-based CDSS, which provides a comparative study and based on the findings, proposes future research challenges for such types of systems. This paper will provide both researchers and healthcare practitioners with the current state of affairs in the domain of evidence-based CDSS.


Evidence-based medicine Clinical decision support systems Clinical decision-making Patient care 


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