Comparative Study and Laboratory Investigation of Soil Stabilization Using Terrasil and Zycobond

  • Afreen Abulkasim MullaEmail author
  • K. G. Guptha
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering book series (LNCE, volume 25)


Soil in its natural state may not always be suitable to support structures, thus raising the need for its stabilization. It is the process of altering the soil’s chemical and physical properties to improve its engineering properties. Literature review indicates nanotechnology is the latest upgrade in soil stabilization. In this investigation, the behaviour of lateritic soil with stabilizers was studied. The study area includes a road which is required to be designed for very heavy vehicular traffic, with a load ranging from 75 to 85T. Added to the existing conditions, the road is exposed to heavy monsoon records to an extent of 3000–4000 mm every year. Several incidences made to realize that flexible pavements are not long lasting in such area due to the main problem of water percolation. It was decided by the authorities of Fomento Resources for construction of a rigid pavement, by stabilizing the soil in the study area. Terrasil along with cement and Zycobond was used to stabilize the soil. Addition of nanoparticles like Terrasil improves the geotechnical properties of the soil by altering the atomic structure of the soil. This paper gives an overview and comparative study of the physical and chemical properties, along with CBR and UCS of the soil and its stabilization by varying proportions of Terrasil (0.075%), Cement (1%) and Zycobond (0.075%). All tests were carried out as per standard procedures laid down in the respective Indian standard codes. Terrasil and Zycobond were used as per industry guidelines. The study concluded that the combination of Terrasil, Cement and Zycobond significantly increased the soil properties to a greater extent.


Soil stabilization Terrasil Zycobond CBR Nanotechnology 


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