Issues Related to the Rapid Seismic Repair of Concrete Bridge Columns

  • Zachary KrishEmail author
  • Mervyn Kowalsky
Conference paper


Presented in this paper is research aimed at challenging the assumption that severely damaged reinforced concrete bridge columns are not easily repaired. An experimental program was conducted in which six large-scale bridge columns exhibiting buckled and fractured reinforcement were repaired using plastic hinge relocation and conventional materials. Discussion of several repair methods is presented along with the introduction of a simplified analytical approach by which the repair can be designed, and repaired member performance obtained. In addition, the implications of the availability of such a repair method on the limits of residual drift in a damaged system are explored.



The authors would like to thank the Alaska Department of Transportation for providing the funding for this research, particularly Mr. Elmer Marx for his engagement throughout the research, as well as the entire technical staff at the Constructed Facilities Laboratory at NC State University. We would also like to thank Edwards, Inc. for providing certified welders and the North Carolina Department of Transportation for providing weld inspections on this project.


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