A New Ideal and Transcultural Pursuit

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Among the modern Confucianists, Thomé Fang is typical in a sense that he attempts to contemplate this task via a transformational perspective. This then leads him to philosophize in view of cosmopolitan harmonism characterized by his cultural ideal and transcultural pursuit. A second reflection on what he ponders over in this regard exposes some hidden aspects of his theoretical hypothesis in question, and also to reconsider the possible alternative to transcultural interaction and transformational synthesis with reference to a threefold process strategy. The threefold process is correlative and interdependent, all serving in principle to demolish the cultural boundaries, break the homoculture-centerism of any kind, and promote the transformational creation par excellence in a cosmopolitan sense. In addition, it bears a hidden link with the Whitehead’s notion of “organic process” that is “proceeding from phase to phase, each phase being the real basis from which its successor proceeds towards the completion of the thing in question.”

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