Harmonization Without Being Patternized

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With a particular reference to F. S. C. Northrop’s comparative philosophy, a multicultural strategy can be drawn from Confucianism. What comes into focus is the concept of harmony without uniformity or harmonization without being patternized, because it can be deployed to meet with the chaotic times relating to global and glocal tendencies at present stage. It is no longer difficult to come across some Western elements in the Eastern culture and vice versa. On this account, it is needful to reflect upon a new philosophos poiesis with particular reference to an adaptable attitude toward the reciprocal appreciation of all the cultures in addition to a high awareness of their merits and demerits altogether. Such reciprocal appreciation embodies the teleological principle that is pertained to multilateral sensibility, transcultural empathy, dialogical spirit, cosmopolitan outlook, creative transformation, and “world understanding” at its best.

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