Installing RQDA

  • Yanto Chandra
  • Liang Shang


As an R package, RQDA can be easily installed in R base or RStudio if you are familiar with the basics of the R programming language. By accessing the R base, RQDA can be installed in different operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX. Windows users can use an alternative route to install RQDA without accessing R (as we will discuss in this chapter). RQDA is a user-friendly tool for both R users and non-R users because it has a graphical user interface (GUI). That is, users can ‘point and click’ just like using Windows software. As noted in the previous chapter, RQDA and its supporting software programs (e.g., RSQLite for data storage, Gtk+ for GUI) covered in this book are open source , meaning that users can download them for free. In this chapter, we discuss how to install RQDA using syntax for R users and R novices.


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