Smart Trash Monitoring and Segregation System Using Emerging Technology—A Survey

  • Kruti DhyaniEmail author
  • Nehal Patel
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Global warming and pollution is the most growing problem world–wide. One of the causes is trash generation and it’s not recycle properly. Most of the developing and developed countries are now focus on proper management of garbage through its different stages from generation to destroy of garbage. To develop such effective system, modern technologies are used like IoT (Internet of Things), Embedded System, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Data Transfer technology. Using these technologies different approaches is proposed around the world by researchers which cover mainly three aspects, smart waste detection, smart garbage segregation and smart trash collection. This paper covers literature survey on waste monitoring, segregation and collection system with the use of innovative techniques. Merits are, environment become clean, most of the disease are cured which are generated through pollution and recycle of waste.


IoT Cloud computing Smart trash Sensors 


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