Energy Management System for Analysis and Reporting in the Advanced Metering

  • Abhishek SinghEmail author
  • Pratibha Pandey
  • Balgovind Gupta
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A smart meter is a device which is used to collect the consumption demand data from home appliances. Energy Management System for analysis and reporting is data communication based software that received encrypted data from electronic energy meter reading Instrument and electronic energy meter. It displays data in user readable format after some required conversion. This paper presented an overview of Advance metering infrastructure and Energy management system. Later, described the security and functionality of the Energy management system. After that it shows the different report obtained by the Energy managements system which includes six months of Billing History, Tamper details, Load Survey up to sixty days and more according to user requirement using Crystal report. Load survey data are represented in tabular and graphical format. User can view all, daily, monthly and many more presentation format.


Smart grid Security Advanced Meter Reading (AMR) Head End System (HES) Energy Management System (EMS) Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) 


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