Big Data Analytics Using Data Mining Techniques: A Survey

  • Shweta MittalEmail author
  • Om Prakash Sangwan
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Data collected now-a-days is quite huge in size. Also in the future, data will continue to grow at a much higher rate. The survey highlights the basic concepts of big data analytics and its application in the domain of weather prediction. More the data available to us, more accurate will be the results. Relatively small change in the accuracy of models benefits a lot to society. Huge number of statistical and predictive models for weather prediction exists in the literature but the methods are too time consuming and cannot handle unstructured as well as huge datasets. To overcome this problem, various authors have explored the Apache Hadoop Map Reduce framework for processing and storing Big Data. In this paper, we have discussed and analysed the work done by various researchers on weather prediction using big data analytics.


Big data Big data analytics Weather prediction Data mining Hadoop 


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