Evolving Fishing Harbour Layout by Wave Tranquility Study Using Mathematical Model—A Case Study

  • J. D. AgrawalEmail author
  • H. C. Patil
  • Sagar Chanda
  • T. Nagendra
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering book series (LNCE, volume 23)


The important parameters needed to be considered for fishery harbour developments are waterside and landside facility. Coastal processes in the area also play a vital role in planning and designing of fishery harbour layout. Wave tranquility studies are important in deciding the orientation and length of the breakwater in fishing harbour. This paper describes a case study of the proposed fishing harbour at Ajanur, in Kerala state, India for evolving a suitable fishing harbour layout from wave tranquility point of view. Two-dimensional mathematical model MIKE-21 SW (Spectral Wave model) has been used for the wave climate transformation from offshore region to nearshore location. The model provides the necessary wave conditions in the nearshore region, which are likely to affect the proposed fishing harbour. MIKE-21 BW (Boussinesq Wave model) has been used for wave propagation from the nearshore region to the harbour basin. Four alternative layouts with different breakwater orientation and length were considered for the model studies. It is found that layout 3 and layout 4 provide the maximum number of operation days in a year, however, layout 4 appears to be most suitable layout from the site consideration and economy in the construction.


Fishing harbour Wave tranquility MIKE-21 BW MIKE-21 SW Case study 



The authors are grateful to Dr. (Mrs.) V. V. Bhosekar, Director, Central Water and Power Research Station, Pune for her continuous encouragement and kind permission to publish the paper.


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  • J. D. Agrawal
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    Email author
  • H. C. Patil
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  • Sagar Chanda
    • 1
  • T. Nagendra
    • 1
  1. 1.Central Water and Power Research StationPuneIndia

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