Supporting the Development of Professionalism in Surgeons in Practice: A Virtues-Based Approach to Exploring a Surgeon’s Moral Agency

  • Linda de Cossart CBE
  • Della Fish
Part of the Innovation and Change in Professional Education book series (ICPE, volume 17)


The intentions of this chapter are to refresh and clarify how we might construe and facilitate the continuing development of professionalism in surgical practitioners in the twenty-first century. Firstly, we consider the current concept of professionalism in surgery and then attend to two aspects of supporting the development of professionalism in practitioners who are members of a profession that serves vulnerable fellow human beings. Secondly, we share our experience of facilitating one way of beginning those deep but very sensitive considerations about the person the professional brings to their work. We conclude that all this requires members of the profession of surgery to be willing and able to articulate what it means to them to be a member of a profession and that surgical teachers take time to become well developed educators in the moral mode of educational practice.


Professionalism Virtues Phronesis Moral education 


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  • Della Fish
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