Study of the Oxidation of Sulphanilic Acid by Cr(VI)-Based Oxidants

  • A. PrameelaEmail author
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Oxidation of sulphanilic acid (in solvent t-1,4 dioxan and ammonia solution) was carried out by chromium trioxide, i.e. Cr(VI) in solvent t-butyl alcohol and using different (substrate: oxidant) molar ratios. Solid product, with oxidized fragments, is obtained in the form of chromium complexes. During the process of oxidation, ligands were obtained in the process itself. The formulae of these complexes were studied and analysed, after purification. Sulphanilic acid in the course of oxidation by CrO3 is involved in oxidation–reduction, where oxygen is evolved and the product of reaction is probably the sulphonamide. The sulphonamide obtained is complexed with chromium in the reduced state. Also characterization of these complexes throws light on the oxidation products of the substrates. The degradation products that are identified help in ascertaining the point of attacks of the oxidant on the substrate molecules and provide information for subsequent works that can lead to mechanism of reactions.


Sulphanilic acid Tertiary butyl chromate 1,4 dioxan 



The author gratefully acknowledges SAIF, CDRI, Lucknow, India, for Elemental Analysis and IR Spectra. The author acknowledges the support of Ranchi University for the laboratory facilities. The author also acknowledges RDCIS, MECON, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India, for TGA/DTA analysis.


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