Microwave-Assisted Alkali-Peroxide Treated Sawdust for Delignification and Its Characterisation

  • Devadasu SushmithaEmail author
  • Srinath Suranai
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The contemporary work is to find the effect of experimental and operating conditions of microwave-assisted alkali peroxide pretreatment of sawdust. Experiments were conducted using sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide with varying concentration of hydrogen peroxide from (0.2–1 M), and microwave power from 350 to 700 watts. The treated sawdust was analysed for lignin content, and presence of lignin functional groups by UV spectroscopy, FTIR, respectively. The remarkable morphological changes of treated sawdust were analyed by SEM. The crystallinity index of pretreated sawdust was increased to 36.7% by XRD analysis and thermal behaviour of treated sawdust was observed by TGA analysis. The results showed that lignin was removed to 69% at 700 watts, with increased temperature to 90 °C at 1.15 min, which was nearly 35% increase of delignification as compared to conventional method.


Microwave Sawdust UV spectroscopy FTIR SEM XRD TGA 


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