Skin Flaps

  • Vijay V. Haribhakti


In this very important chapter, a perspective of all commonly used flaps is presented.

Following an initial discussion of the basics of vascularized tissue transfer, the authors describe the commonly employed flaps for Head and Neck reconstruction.Many important local flaps are described, illustrating their use with relevant patient examples. The salient details of planning and technique of elevation are included, rendering it possible for the reader to pick up important tips for use in clinical situations.

Amongst the regional flaps, all available alternatives that have been used by the authors are described. Descriptions of individual flaps are presented in an easy-to-read ‘How I do it’ fashion, thus serving to simplify and de-mystify all flaps in common use.

For the free flap alternatives described, again all descriptions are rendered in a practical manner to enable all readers to incorporate these important workhorse flaps into regular clinical use.

No attempt has been made to enunciate minute details of vascular anatomy and variations, for which readers are encouraged to refer to sources widely available.

In summary, this chapter is intended as a practical guide to all Head and Neck surgeons as well as reconstructive surgeons keen to learn the fundamental techniques necessary to master challenges of Head and Neck reconstruction.

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