Aesthetic Considerations

  • Vijay V. Haribhakti


This chapter takes a look at the determinants of aesthetic outcome following procedures on the face and neck.

The concept of aesthetic sub-units and their importance in the visual impact of facial deformities is discussed. This, along with the fundamentals of incision planning discussed in Chapter  1, should give important inputs for planning, which is so essential in every case.

Incisions planned along borders of aesthetic sub-units tend to heal very well without conspicuous scarring.

Facial symmetry is crucial, and all departures from normal symmetry are very conspicuous.

Facial expression is equally crucial, and loss of expression, especially if one-sided, is highly conspicuous.

During reconstruction of various portions of the face, it is important to achieve volume correction in all areas resected. This is crucial to understand the concept of compartmental reconstruction, which contributes significantly to optimal outcomes, by systematic restoration of contour.

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