Prosthetic Rehabilitation: Fundamentals

  • Vijay V. Haribhakti


In this chapter written by Dr. Srinivasan, the fundamentals of prosthetic rehabilitation, osseo-integration, oncologic dentistry, and facial prosthetics are addressed.

All-important considerations for the maxillary obturator prosthesis are covered at length, giving the reader a number of technical guidelines to achieve excellent results.

The basics of soft palatal obturators and comparison with surgical reconstruction are addressed.

Trismus, a very common condition in the Indian population, is a very significant problem that needs effective solutions, which are presented in an easily implementable form.

For all patients undergoing radiotherapy, the basics of oncologic dentistry and dental prophylaxis are clearly outlined.

Finally, anaplastology and the creation of external facial, ocular and auricular prosthesis is touched upon.

In conclusion, the importance of co-operation between the surgical and prosthetic teams is stressed.



The author wishes to acknowledge all the surgeons who have teamed up with him to treat the cases leading to optimal outcomes with their rehabilitation.

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