Fundamental Planning: Resection

  • Vijay V. Haribhakti


A well-designed and adequately planned resection is absolutely germane in every case, and this chapter discusses the important factors that underlie ultimate outcomes, in terms of adequacy of resection, and final aesthetic and functional outcomes.

All the common access incisions for head and neck resections are discussed at length, including useful technical tips to achieve desired outcomes. Some unusual and original incision plans are also discussed to provide the reader with possible alternatives in selected situations. The possibilities with trans-oral approaches, which leave no external facial incision, are also discussed.

Neck incisions have been considered, underlining the possibilities with horizontal crease incisions as opposed to vertical and trifurcate incisions, which are not recommended in the current context.

A brief mention about current approaches to and nomenclature of neck dissections is included to express the current approach to the neck.

Important factors that govern adequacy of primary excision, such as mucosal, soft tissue, and bone margins, are included as well.

In summary, this chapter should equip readers with basics that result in an adequate, well-planned resection, with an eye for final outcomes.

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