Rejuvenation of Aquifers

  • S. C. Dhiman
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The unplanned and non-scientific development of ground water resource to meet the exponentially increasing water demand for various societal uses is leading to stress on the aquifer system and over-exploitation of this precious natural resource. Besides, the factors like changing rainfall pattern, urbanisation, life style change, expanding anthropogenic and geogenic pollution and saline water ingress are complicating the ground water stresses further. The paper highlights the different aquifer systems of the country, their recharge potential and scope of rejuvenation. A few examples have been sited to impress upon how a properly designed artificial recharge structure can improve the ground water resource substantially in an area.


Aquifers Ground water rejuvenation Artificial recharge Over-exploitation Unsaturated zone Springs 



The author is indebted to his former colleagues, viz. Sunil Kumar, Regional Director; Sujeet Sinha, Sc D; S.K. Swaroop, Sc D and Dr. Dipankar Saha of Central Ground Water Board, for their valuable suggestions and support in compiling this article. Significant insights on artificial recharge and traditional practices are developed by interacting with the communities and local level experts whose contribution is also greatly acknowledged.


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  • S. C. Dhiman
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  1. 1.Former Chairman, Central Ground Water BoardGovernment of IndiaNew DelhiIndia

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