Polymer-Carbon Composites as Anti-corrosive Materials

  • Sanjay Pal
  • Tuhin Chatterjee
  • Partheban Manoharan
  • Kinsuk NaskarEmail author
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The objective of this chapter is to focus on the recent developments of polymer-carbon composites in terms of utilizing various forms of carbon, i.e., graphene or graphene-like sheets, carbon nanotube, along with polymer binder for high-performance anti-corrosive paints. The attributes to final properties of dried film coating can be resolved into two major parts, i.e., attributes due to binder and additives. The role of binder and additives has been discussed separately in the subsequent sections. A general idea has also been discussed as a premise to give the right context before the objective of this chapter is discussed, i.e., Polymer-carbon composites as anti-corrosive material.


Corrosion Anti-corrosive materials Graphene Carbon nanotube 


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