Energywise Contributions of Th, Pu and U Isotopes to the Reactivity Feedbacks of (Th-LEU) Fuelled AHWR

  • Anindita SarkarEmail author
  • Umasankari Kannan
  • P. D. Krishnani
Conference paper


Advanced heavy water reactor (AHWR) has been designed with thorium-based fuel cycle and boiling light water as coolant. The coolant void reactivity (CVR) and fuel temperature reactivity (FTR) are the main reactivity feedback mechanisms. In the present work, we have attempted to understand the physics behind CVR and FTR by estimating the energywise isotopic contributions for AHWR fuelled with (Th, LEU) fuel. The normalised reaction rate approach was used to quantify the individual contributions from 232Th, U, Pu, H and other isotopes. It has been shown that 232Th capture plays a major role in making these coefficients negative. This led us to study the sensitivities of these isotopes to the reactivity coefficients to the basic nuclear cross-section set. The sensitivity due to nuclear data to CVR and FTR from ENDF/B-VI.8 and JENDL 3.3 has been calculated. It is shown that FTR is less sensitive to the dataset whereas the CVR is 16% lower in the JENDL3.3 dataset as compared to the ENDF/B-VI.8.


AHWR-LEU fuel CVR FTR D5 cluster Isotopic reaction rates 


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  • Anindita Sarkar
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    Email author
  • Umasankari Kannan
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  • P. D. Krishnani
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  1. 1.Reactor Physics Design DivisionBhabha Atomic Research CentreTrombay, MumbaiIndia

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