Learning About Northeast China from the Close-up View of Shiling Town

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This dialogue, taking place on the summer vacation after the 1995 High school entrance examination between me and my childhood playmates, still did not fade in my mind although it has been more than two decades since then.



Through this article, I would like to express my gratitude to the teachers in Shiling Town Junior high School in Tiedong District, Siping City. I still remember some names of my teachers: my Chemistry teacher Liu Xiuying, Geometry teacher Wang Shuming, Political teacher Li Shuhua, Physiological Health teacher Feng Zhongda, Physics teacher Liu Jie, English teacher Zhao Shujie, Chinese teacher Li Yingxin, etc. Their education moistens me like the spring rain in my childhood and continued to benefit me in the later 20 years of life.

I would like to thank my junior high schoolmate Li Ying for her accompany during my visit and her generous sharing of personal experience as a native resident, which reminds me of some memories in the town during junior high school. I would also thank Ms. Su Minnan, another schoolmate from my junior high who continued her teaching career in the high school, for a large amount of information she provided to me. Without the help of these two old friends, the article you are reading might not be formed.

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