Applications of Thermoelectrical Effect in SiC

  • Toan DinhEmail author
  • Nam-Trung Nguyen
  • Dzung Viet Dao
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This chapter describes the applications of the thermoelectrical effect in silicon carbide for a wide range of applications in harsh environments. The thermoresistive effect in a single SiC layer for temperature sensing is known as thermistor, or resistive temperature detector will be mentioned. The temperature sensing in multiple SiC layers will also be discussed. The chapter also presents the application of SiC for thermal sensors based on the Joule heating effect such as thermal flow sensors, convective accelerometers and convective gyroscopes. Other applications towards gas sensing and cooling of MEMS devices are described.


Temperature sensors Thermal flow sensors Convective accelerometers Convective gyroscopes Gas sensors SiC cooling devices 


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