Visual Cortex

  • Xuyang Liu
  • Jia Ma
  • Ningli Wang
Part of the Advances in Visual Science and Eye Diseases book series (AVSED, volume 2)


The occipital lobe is the advanced visual center of the human being, located at the posterior part of the cerebral hemispheres. The fibers sent out from the lateral geniculate body after neurotransmission form the optic radiation, in which the visual fibers scatter fanwise posterior to the sensory transduction tract of the posterior limb in the internal capsule. The fibers from the superior, middle, and inferior bundles are projected posteriorly, gradually gather together, and finally end at the occipital visual cortex. The pathway, from the lateral geniculate body to the occipital visual cortex, is the posterior visual pathway. The arrangements of fibers from the different parts of the retina in the visual pathway are subject to a strict order. There are different neighbor tissues around the different parts of the posterior visual pathway, with different visual field defects being possible.


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