All Domain Hidden Web Exposer Ontologies: A Unified Approach for Excavating the Web to Unhide Deep Web

  • Manpreet Singh SehgalEmail author
  • Jay Shankar Prasad
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 851)


Knowledge experts have stored vast knowledge in various kinds of repositories. Paper repositories are being digitized and most of them have already been digitized under initiatives taken by government agencies from time to time. Various search engines were designed and implemented to search and index such information from web pages. For the information inside of the databases, search query interfaces have been designed. One is required to fill into these search interfaces the criteria specific to their query. This route to get to the database-driven data is a time consuming process as one needs to know the address of such query interfaces. This paper deals with this issue by proposing a domain independent algorithm for getting these interfaces automatically filled up resulting in an improved performance and nice digital experience to the knowledge seeker. The proposed algorithm is evaluated for the performance metrics and encouraging result has been obtained.


Hidden web Ontologies Information extraction Domain independent 


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