Astrocytic Hamartoma of the Retina

  • Andrew W. Stacey
  • Mandeep S. Sagoo
Part of the Retina Atlas book series (RA)


Retinal astrocytic hamartomas (RAH), also known as retinal astrocytomas, are tumors of retinal glial cells, arising from astrocytes in the nerve-fiber layer. The lesions are benign in nature and are thought to be congenital in origin. They are often diagnosed incidentally during routine examination and rarely cause any symptoms. They can be solitary or multifocal and often show no change in decades of follow-up. Rarely, RAH can exhibit unusual characteristics such as rapid growth, neovascularization, retinal exudation, and retinal detachment. There are no reports of metastasis of RAH (Shields et al. 2006).


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