Vasoproliferative Tumors of the Retina

  • Duangnate RojanapornEmail author
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Vasoproliferative tumors (VPT) are benign vascular tumors of the fundus which has distinct characteristics. It was firstly termed “presumed acquired retinal hemangiomas” by Shields and colleagues (Shields et al. 1983), who described 12 patients with nonfamilial, unilateral, solitary, vascular mass of the sensory retina. In 1995, they further studied a larger series of 103 patients with similar appearance and found that many of these vascular masses may not be true hemangioma and some lesions involved not only the retina but also retinal pigment epithelium and choroid. Therefore, they renamed these lesions as “vasoproliferative tumors of the ocular fundus” (Shields et al. 1995).


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