Peripheral Exudative Haemorrhagic Chorioretinopathy

  • Peter Heydon
  • Mandeep S. Sagoo
Part of the Retina Atlas book series (RA)


Peripheral exudative haemorrhagic chorioretinopathy (PEHCR) is a commonly bilateral process characterised by exudative and/or haemorrhagic degeneration of the peripheral retina in the elderly population. It frequently regresses spontaneously to subretinal fibrosis and/or retinal pigment epithelial atrophy. PEHCR has various synonyms, including eccentric disciform degeneration, extramacular disciform degeneration (Bardenstein et al. 1992), haemorrhagic detachment of the retinal pigment epithelium (Silva and Brockhurst 1976), haemorrhagic peripheral pigment epithelial disease (Delaney Jr. et al. 1988) and peripheral choroidal neovascularisation (Vine and Johnson 1996). Its importance in the field of ocular oncology lies in that it is a pseudotumour that can mimic a range of tumours including naevus and melanoma.


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