The Culture Technology for Freshwater and Marine Microalgae

  • Ayesha Shahid
  • Sana Malik
  • Md. Asraful Alam
  • Nazia Nahid
  • Muhammad Aamer MehmoodEmail author


Microalgae are promising eco-friendly source of food, feed, biofuels, and chemicals. There has been substantial progress at the lab and industrial scales to develop efficient and sustainable microalgae culturing techniques. However, several constraints must be addressed to make the overall process economically viable. Chemo-genetics elements can play a pivotal role in achieving the commercial goals because microalgae grow more efficiently in high concentrations of essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and carbon in addition to enhance by-product formation. Moreover, alteration in culturing conditions also activates lipid accumulation. Recent strategies have combined these approaches to enhance lipid accumulation and along with enhanced biomass productivity. It is necessary to optimize inoculum production and culture management to avoid contamination, especially at commercial scales. Furthermore, prevailing outdoor conditions of rainfall, variable temperature, and irradiation, which are entirely different from small lab-scale facilities, pose additional challenges during outdoor cultivation. This chapter highlights the nutritional requirements of culturing media and their impact along with possible challenges on microalgae cultivation to ensure the stable and high productivities of large-scale cultures. Media recycling not only reduces the dependency on freshwater but also increases the economic viability of the process. Recent advances regarding media recycling and strategies to control biological contaminants are also discussed.


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