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Syntheses and Applications of Silver Halide-Based Photocatalysts

  • Jinlong Zhang
  • Baozhu Tian
  • Lingzhi Wang
  • Mingyang Xing
  • Juying Lei
Part of the Lecture Notes in Chemistry book series (LNC, volume 100)


With the growing crisis in energy and environment, photocatalysis has been paid increasing attention for its potential to solve these problems. Recently, silver halide (AgX), a well-known photographic material, has been developed as a kind of visible light-driven photocatalyst with excellent activity and high efficiency in splitting water, degrading environmental contaminants, and inactivating pathogenic bacteria. Based on a large number of researches, it was found that the activity and efficiency of AgX can be largely enhanced by morphology control, semiconductor composite establishment, and substrate load. In this chapter, we firstly introduced the properties and synthesis strategies of AgX materials. Then, we summarized the preparation, characterization, and applications of AgX with different morphologies. After that, the AgX-based heterojunction and Z-scheme structures were detailedly discussed on the basis of different composites and band structure. Finally, we introduced the present researches of recoverable AgX materials.


Silver halide Heterojunction structure Z-scheme structure Surface plasmon resonance Photocatalytic activity 


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