Planning for Economic Development and Downtown Revitalisation

  • John C. Henshall


A number of plans have been prepared for Clarksdale over the years. One was a conventional “urban planning and development plan”, while another documented “first impressions” on driving into Clarksdale. Yet another was an “‘action plan for Downtown revitalisation”.

Clearly, a considerable volume of professional planning work has been undertaken in the past decade or so that spells out Clarksdale’s opportunities to develop its Downtown into a vibrant centre for locals and visitors, with a common theme centred around Blues, arts and culture. Local and regional plans and development assessments highlight these opportunities, and they emphasise the role of local initiative in “making things happen”.

Emphasis is placed on the need for local businesses to work more closely together and to promote an integrated programme of support and encouragement for local enterprise. Businesses, community representatives and city-wide organisations must ensure they are not pulling in different directions.


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