Clarksdale’s Experience in Downtown Revitalisation: An Overview

  • John C. Henshall


Clarksdale’s experience in downtown revitalisation generates numerous lessons that can be applied to other small cities and towns where the downtown, or town centre, is exposed to change. This is particularly the case where centres need to “revitalise” their role in meeting community needs, and also in capturing the economic contributions generated through tourism. The important role of “creative people” also needs to be highlighted.

Lessons also include the need to involve the community and gain the support of local government, getting a Plan in place, and encouraging an informed local attitude to economic and community development. For many cities and towns, an important consideration is the need to improve local education levels and workforce skills so that new job opportunities can be readily filled.

Overall, it is important to build on local attributes, recognise people’s creative capabilities and enthusiasm, and achieve ongoing community support and encouragement.

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