Community Views on Downtown Revitalisation

  • John C. Henshall


Local viewpoints are drawn from people involved in retail, property development, finance, education, local government, community development, and tourism. Topics range from the local economy, investment trends, and downtown revitalisation, to community attitudes, education, labour skills and community development, and the vision individuals have for the future of their downtown.

People are generally aware of underlying change in the local and wider economy, including a decline in agriculture and manufacturing employment, with growth of the tertiary sector, especially in health, education, and other services.

Some residents have doubts about the potential for cultural tourism in Clarksdale and associated economic benefits. It is therefore necessary to communicate to the wider community the achievements in downtown revitalisation and the positive contribution of Blues and other aspects of Delta culture. All of this effort is helping to create new businesses and new jobs in the face of continuing economic change.

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